Silvia Gussetti

She graduated in Law at the University of Padua in 1995.
In the course of her professional activity she specialized in civil law, providing judicial and extrajudicial assistance to medium-sized companies and insurance companies.
In particular, it has dealt with defenses in the field of defects of the thing sold, even in international trades, product damage, theft / fire / pollution, as well as in the field of contractual, extra-contractual and professional liability (including that of agents). insurance companies, accountants, corporate bodies), and the insurance claim.
It also supports, on a continuous basis and with highly-qualified assistance, commercial enterprises in contracts and credit recovery, also with regard to public administrations, also supporting creditors in bankruptcy proceedings and in defenses in bankruptcy revocations.
For over 15 years he worked in close collaboration with Avv. Antonio Catucci.
Among the distinctive characteristics of his personality stand out a pragmatic nature and a strong predisposition to listening to the client, which lead her to analyze thoroughly the implications of the disputes, in order to arrive at an early solution aimed at satisfying the client.
He speaks fluent English.
She is registered with the Order of Milan as a cassation lawyer.