Practice areas

Direct Sales and Multilevel Marketing

Iurance developed a consolidated experience in the direct sales and Multilevel Marketing sectors and assists some of the most important multinational groups specialized in the retail sale of services and consumers goods, providing its assistance also in the drafting and preparation of the agreements of door-to-door home salespersons and end-consumers, in the review and revisions of the compensation plans, adapting them to applicable laws and interpretations set forth by the competent regulatory Authorities.
Iurance, both with its Professionals and through its of counsels, provides full assistance, also with regard to the mandatory requirements for the start-up of the activity, as well as the management of any fiscal and administrative related fulfilments (even “pay-roll” services) related to door-to-door home salespersons.
Our Professionals assist Clients also with respect to the preliminary check of the compliance of any food product with Italian and EU regulations, also with regard to their labelling and the registrations and notifications of food supplements with the competent Authorities.
Our Professionals collaborate with national and European most important associations of companies operating in these sectors, providing qualified support with respect to any legal related aspect. Michelangelo Costa is a speaker at both national and international seminars and conferences on direct sales and Multilevel Marketing matters.